In Memoriam Angela Skrimshire

We were deeply saddened to hear of the sudden death of Angela Skrimshire, one of the founders, and a devoted supporter, of the Book Festival. Her contributions to discussions were always interesting, if not controversial, and her breadth of reading produced many ideas for the direction of the festival, as well as possible writers to feature.

Highly intelligent, enthusiastic and passionate, her own poems reveal something of the depth of her emotions, interests and personality. The festival and wider Colonsay community will miss her.

For Angela S.


In the wayside verges

the flowers that you saved for us

appear again each Spring,

as if driven by the passion

that fired you from within.

A steely inner passion

mixed with intellect and whim.


A passion shaped in conscience,

thought and creed;

stubbornness aplenty;

patience enough to hear

the argument of others

with which you disagreed.


Fire then, along with kindness,

grounded by reasoned thought,

and a touch of human frailty:

the ghost of inner doubt.


With a love for words and rhyming,

and the occasional curse.

This epigram then your ending:

without you we are worse.


Richard Brooker


2nd June 2015

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